Quivey, Claude - portrait of Marvel Prescott

This miniature is signed "Quivey" for Claude Quivey. It was acquired together with the other portrait of Marvel and the one of Adda B Quivey from a person who was a good friend of Marvel.

In the 1910 cenus, Claude and Adda Quivey (in one family history site the census record for Quivey is mistakenly transcribed as Auiry) are recorded as living with two daughters; one Grace aged 4 born in Colorado and the other appears to read Maud aged 2 born in California. It appears that Grace later adopted the name Gloria and Maud became Marvel. In that census record Claude gives his occupation as "Artist - portraits and nature".

Marvel initially started a career as an actress, but later married a mining engineer. Social Security death records indicate she was born 10 Aug 1907 and died Nov 1974 in Los Angles. 672a

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