Quivey, Claude - portrait of a lady

This miniature portrait is signed "Quivey" for Claude Quivey (1871-1943). He was born in Indiana and worked in Caifornia. The miniature is large (150 mm x 110 mm) and extremely well painted.

The portrait was acquired from a person who had received this portrait and the two portraits of Marvel Prescott, direct from Marvel, who was one of Claude Quivey's two daughters. A friend of Marvel has advised that Claude painted the faces on his miniature portraits and his wife, Adda painted the clothes and backgrounds.

Correspondence with a member of the Quivey family suggested that the portrait is of Claude's wife Adda B Quivey, but later advice is that this may not be the case. However, it does seems likely that he took more care with this portrait than any of his other work and it is possibly his best ever work.

In the 1900 census (in one family history site mistakenly transcribed as Claude E Aimey) records him as living as a lodger in Oakland, his occupation as artist, and gives his date of birth as April 1871.

Claude Quivey must have worked in the Northeast USA for a while, as the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette of July 1 1916 commented, "Claude Quivey and family of California are visiting in this city at the home of his mother, Mrs Quivey. Mr Quivey is moving his family to New York".

The Feb 13, 1943 edition of the LA Times contained a death notice as follows; "Quivey, Claude E beloved husband of Adda B Quivey, father of Mrs Marvel Prescott and Mrs Gloria Tooke, brother of Mrs Mary Gregory." 559

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