Gallegos, Luna - portrait of Miguel Alston

This miniature portrait is signed "Luna 1928" for Luna Alston de Gallegos (1881-1978) an artist from Argentina. It one of five portraits of members of her family and this one seem most likely to be her son. It is inscribed on the reverse "Miguel Gallegos Alston". He is probably the father of the person in the two adjacent portraits dated 1936 and 1950. This opinion is also supported in that Miguel and the sitter in the 1950 portrait are both wearing the same tie pin, a large pearl. 518.

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Renée Pisano said...

Luna Alston was married to my maternal grandmother's brother Juan Carlos Gallegos. This miniature is indeed of Miguel Gallegos, he never married, and didn't have children.
Renée Pisano Berro