Gallegos, Luna - portrait of a family member

This miniature portrait signed "Luna 1907" is one of five adjacent portraits of members of her family. Luna Alston de Gallegos (1881-1978) was a miniature painter from Argentina.

As the sitter is not looking at the artist, it is most likely another self-portrait. The age of 26 looks right and for a self-portrait, the artist needs to look sideways into a mirror, away from the artist, to be able to paint a self-portrait. With the portraits of her family members in this collection, they are looking direct at the artist. 584


Anonymous said...

Can an artist do a self portrait from a photograph of him/her self? Maybe the artist oculd even glance sideways at a mirror in addition to a full frontal photograph?

Don Shelton said...

Yes they can do a portrait from a photograph or from a reflection, and there are two more miniature portraits of Luna in this collection, one being a self-portrait, and one of her painted by her art teacher.