Hartman, Marion Caroline Hoffman - portrait of a man

This miniature is signed "M Hartman" in red at the lower right.

There is already one miniature portrait by this artist in the collection, of a man with a bow tie. For comparative purposes it is also shown here.

However, little has been found out about the artist, although there is an example by him/her in the Metropolitan Museum collection, titled "portrait of a boy with doll".

There is believed to have been an artist, Marcia Hartman who signed "M Hartman", but it is not clear whether she painted miniatures. Thus, she may possibly be the artist.

The sitter is unknown. However, the adjacent portrait of an older lady by Marian Harper was acquired from the same vendor at the same time. Given the apparent facial likeness, it seems they may well be mother and son. 1226

Later: A very kind visitor has sent me the following information about the artist;  
The artist's full name is Marion Caroline Hoffman referenced two miniature portraits that were done by her...and I found another that is in the metropolitan museum of art in NY...I am wondering if you can tell me how I can find out more about her?...Her style is very distinctive. She was born in 1892...the reason I ask, is because I have a full size portrait of my uncle that she painted around 1929...and, I would like to know more about the artist...If you could suggest a place for me to look? Websites or databases that might tell me more? I would really appreciate it.

I also note that in 2012 Freeman's sold this miniature of a lady by M C H Hartman for $200 plus buyer's commission.

Unfortunately I can add nothing more, but if any viewer knows more, please leave a comment or send me an email.

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BowmanBoy said...


My name is Jay Bowman and I live in Louisville, KY.

The grandson of John Ramsier recently passed away and his estate was sold at auction. His grandson was in possession of some of his grandfather's miniature portraits (including a self-portrait of he and his wife).

Also at the auction was the water color palette he used to paint the miniatures. I have purchased it and will have a letter of authenticity next week from the attorney overseeing the estate.

Do you know of anyone who would be interested in such a piece?

Jay Bowman