Starr, Katharine Payne - portrait of herself

This miniature is signed on the front "K Starr 1935" for Katharine Payne Starr (19 Sep 1869-12 May 1943). (Note that the literature often records her name as Katherine Payne Starr, but this miniature is twice inscribed by her as Katharine, with an "a".)

On the reverse of the frame it is inscribed " "The Old Sofa" by Katharine Starr, 12108 View Crest Road, North Hollywood, Calif". However it is additionally inscribed inside the frame " "The Old Sofa" or "When Grandmama Wore Pink" self portrait from photo taken in 1912 and modernised in 1935. Katharine Payne Starr pinxit".

The close up shows the quality of her painting, as in the original the distance between her pupils is only one quarter of one inch (6mm). The hands are also well painted, which is the sign of a competent artist.

In the 1880 census Katharine is recorded as Katie Payne aged 10 and living with her parents and siblings in Jackson, Missouri. Her father, James E Payne, gave his occupation, as editor. By the 1900 census, she was married to Frederick Henry Starr. He was a sales manager for the LCC Manufacturing Co. They seem to have moved around quite a lot, as their three children are recorded as being born in Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. Katharine Payne Starr died in Los Angeles 12 May 1943.

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