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The Marmet Family
The nine miniature portraits painted on ivory, which appear here are close-ups of the Marmet family portraits appearing at Eckardt, Otto - portraits of Marmet family There is much more there about the Marmet family. 698

Additionally, a kind visitor has supplied more information and photographs about the Marmet family and their ancestors, which appears below.

Anna Schuster married Leopold Kleybolte and they had three children. Anna Schuster was born October 31, 1849 in Germany and died, January 31, 1925 of carcinoma of the stomach at her residence. Her parents were Georg and Babbette Schuster. Leopold Kleybolte was born, December 25, 1841 in Germany and died, August 11, 1928 of general paralysis at his residence. His parents were, Rudolph Kleybolte and Eleanore Klosterman Kleybolte and Leopold was President of the West German Bank in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The children of Leopold and Anna Kleybolte, were Rudolph Kleybolte, born June 18, 1869 in Newport, Kentucky USA and died August 18, 1945 of coronary thrombosis. Rudolph married Ida Marmet and had at least one son. Secondly, Albert Kleybolte, born: May 28, 1871 and died, October 7, 1919. He was married, but divorced, and had at least one son). Thirdly, Susie Kleybolte.

Photographs of Susie Kleybolte appear above. She was born, December 14, 1874 in Newport Kentucky USA and died, June 22, 1958 of cerebral hemorrhage at her residence.

Susie married Captain Edwin Marmet, showing below, in 1906, who was then widowed and had two children, Leopold “Lee” Marmet and Anna Marie Marmet, later Pochet. (To read the obituary, click on it and a larger version should appear.)

Photographs of the two children appear below. Anna Marie Marmet was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on May 3, 1904 and married Louis G. Pochat. They had one daughter and two grandchildren in Ohio. Anna Marie died on January 17, 1988.

Leopold (Lee) was born on January 10, 1907 in Cincinnati, and married Elizabeth Floyd, but had no children. He died August 13, 1998 in Charleston, West Virginia.

Photographs of them a little older are shown below. It is believed that the nine miniature portraits on ivory of the Marmet family, were probably originally sold as part of an estate sale on his death in 1998.

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