Wolff, H L -portrait of 20C lady

This miniature portrait is signed "H L Wolff", but nothing further is known about the artist or the sitter.

However, it is possible the miniature is on a photographic base with H L Wolff being the name of the photographer.

A kind visitor has told me she has a rectangular miniatures signed H L Wolff of her great great grandmother who lived in New York and died in 1914. As the frames are American, that implies Wolff was working in New York prior to World War I. 571


Larry in Arizona said...

Hello Don,

Wes Siegrist referred me to your website of miniature artwork and I'm wondering if you might know whom I could contact about trying to determine the value of a very small work of art that is in my family. It is a gold disk that is larger in diameter than a US dime, but smaller than a US nickel (the piece is about 18mm-19mm in diameter). It looks like the artwork must be enameled on since it includes some 3D texture to it and it has some very small diamonds on it. It's been in the family since the 1930's, but other than that we don't know anything about it. You can see it here:
(but I only had a video camera and a magnifying glass to take the images). Thank you for any ideas that you may have about how we could have it appraised.

Best Regards,


Don, the collector said...

Hi Larry,
Although it is outside the scope of my collection, your miniature portrait looks as if it is a Limoges enamel portrait. If you go to Ebay and search for Limoges enamel portrait, you should come up with several examples, although they may not include diamonds. However, as the diamonds are so small, I would expect the closing Ebay prices would give a fairly good indication of the likely value of your piece. Regards, Don