Wiltschek, C S - portrait of 1930's lady

This miniature portrait is signed "C S Wiltschek". The sitter is unknown.

There is little in the reference books about the artist, although there is a reference to a crippled artist in the 1930's called Charles Wiltschek who is believed to be the same person, possibly with the full name Charles Sigfried Wiltschek. In his WWI draft registration card Sigfried Wiltschek stated that he had "one leg shorter than the other" and described himself as an art dealer.

Sigfried Wiltschek lived in New York in 1920 with his wife Mollie, his two sisters, Violet and Jospehine, and his brother, William. Sigfried described himself as an artist in the 1920 census records. He was born in Austria in 5 Aug 1876 and arrived in the United States in 1898, where he was naturalised in 1907.

C. S. Wiltschek, painted several portraits of the Duke family (as in Duke University) which hang in the Lilly Library at the university.990


Amelia said...


Do you have any information about a Charles Wiltschek having sold? I am looking for values for his work; appraising a portrait.


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Amelia, I need your email address to be able to reply. Cheers, Don