Ramsier, John - portrait of Nancy McElhenny (Mrs A J Clark)

This miniature portrait is signed "Ramsier" for John Ramsier (1861-1936), a Kentucky artist noted for his ability to paint in a photographic style of painting. The sitter is Mrs A J Clark (or A G Clark) of Louisville and the portrait was previously owned by Mrs W S Fulton, daughter of Mrs Clark.

Mrs Clark was born as Nancy McElhenny on 19 Mar 1845 in Wheeling, WV and was married on 17 Sep 1872 to A J Clark (c1842-?) a lawyer in Wheeling. She was the daughter of Samuel W McElhenny and Martha Jacobs. In the 1910 census she was living as a widow, aged 63, with her son, James M Clark, a lawyer and two servants in Wheeling.

Mrs W S Fulton was the Martha Clark (18 Jun 1873-?) who married Dr W S Fulton (1873-1938). He was a surgeon at the Wheeling Clinic, Wheeling City WV. They were married 23 Oct 1902 and had a daughter, Nancy McElhenny Fulton who was born in 1909.

Dr Fulton was the founder of the Wheeling Clinic and is featured in the Wheeling Hall of Fame, see Wheeling Hall of Fame: Dr. William S. Fulton where there is also a picture of him. 1095a

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