Deane, Lillian Reubena - portrait of Isobella Mendez

This miniature portrait is signed "L Reubena Deane 1929" for Lillian Reubena Deane (1881-1966).

The previous owner purchased the portrait at an estate sale of the John Leh family. The family owned Leh's Department Store in Allentown Pa. Eleanor Bear, referred in the following inscription on the reverse, married into the Leh family.

The inscription reads "Isobella Mendez / Hollywood 1930 portrait on ivory / Lillian Reubena Deane / with many loving wishes to Eleanor Bear from "Miss Ruby" ". Nothing further is known about Isobella Mendez.

This collection includes a miniature self portrait by Lillian Reubena Deane and also a portrait of Meliza Korjus. 1033.

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